If you received an email notice about your status changing to "pending", this means you have missed two or more payments and are not up to date with the payment schedule. 

If your trip status is pending, you do not have a guaranteed seat on the trip. As long as there is still space on the trip, once you catch up with your missed payments, your trip status will become active again. 

If for some reason the trip has changed to waitlist, this means that once you make your missed payments we would add you to our waitlist. We try out best to find a spot for everyone who is on our waitlist!

Fell into pending because you need a custom payment schedule? Not a problem! If the schedule that your file has doesn't work for you, chat with our Help Desk from our website or My Profile or send an email to info@campusvacations.com and we can work with you.

The best way to ensure you never miss a payment is to have an active credit card on file and authorize 'Auto pay' so that your payments come out automatically each month. 

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