You will need to bring a few things with you to the airport. 

You will need to bring your signed Campus Vacations code. If you did not purchase insurance through us, you will need to bring your proof of insurance form. 

These forms, along with your e-ticket information will be available for you to print on your online profile about 1-2 weeks prior to your trip departure. They can be found on your online profile. On the left hand corner under "My Trips," you'll find a link that says "Travel Documents." See below:

You don't need to print out your e-ticket - another way would be to take a screenshot on your phone, so you have the reservation code that will allow you to check-in at the desk or at the kiosks.

You will also need to bring your valid passport! Do not pack this in your checked luggage (may sound ridiculous but, believe me, it's happened before!).

Passengers travelling on direct, international flights must arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to departure. If you are travelling on a domestic flight first ex. Halifax to Toronto (then Toronto to Cuba) you will only need to arrive at the airport 1.5 hours prior to the flight departure.

A Campus Vacations crew member or trusted supplier* will be there to meet you at your destination's airport. They will assist you with your transfers to the hotel.

When you are on your way home you will need to be picked up at Arrivals. You will want to allow 45 minutes - 1 hour for you to collect your luggage, go through customs to be picked up after you arrive home.

As for your customs card, you will get this on the plane on the way to the destination. For your address all you need to put is the name of the hotel.

**In Mexico, only Mexican registered transfer operators are allowed into the arrivals section of the airport. The supplier we work with has been with us for over 6 years, ask them for Veronica, if you want to speak with one of the nicest people in Mexico!

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