Because we are working with large groups of students, the resorts* that we work with have us place a Campus Vacations company credit card deposit in case of any damages to the rooms or hotels. As they will not will not accept credit cards from each of our individual passengers, we collect a room damage deposit from each passenger on behalf of the hotel.

A room damage deposit or payment is collected from all passengers while on the trip prior to check in at the hotel.
All passengers are required to purchase either:
a non-refundable room damage protection plan for $20 per person (USD),
or a refundable room damage deposit of $60 per person (USD)
The deposit is refundable upon check-out provided the room is not damaged and there are no incidentals charged to the room (This can include room service that is not included and spa / hair / nail services)

Note: If travelers want to pay in CAD they must pay $30CAD for the damage protection plan, and $80CAD for the room damage deposit.

* The exception to this is the Oasis Cancun. 

Oasis Cancun:
Every Spring Break passenger under the age of 28 staying at the Oasis Cancun is required to pay a $30 USD non-refundable damage deposit in cash. They Deposit is paid to the Oasis upon check-in to the hotel. 

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